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Concrete Winter Care Tips

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The pictures shown depict the damage to new installations caused by the use of salt and/or de-icing products. The use of these products can result in dis-colouration, pitting, spalling and scaling. Use only sand or kitty litter to add surface traction if needed.

Snow Removal:
The use of a “PLASTIC SHOVEL” for snow removal is highly recommended. This will eliminate scratching and the loss of stones to the stamped or exposed aggregate.

Use of “ SNOW BLOWERS” are acceptable as long as you ensure the rotating blades do not come in direct contact with the concrete surface It is also recommended that you make sure the snow guides are not to sharp. These do come in direct contact and can possibly scratch the concrete surface.

If you need to use “TRUCK BLADES” on your property be sure the actual blade has a plastic guard along the bottom and, take extra precautions to eliminate scratching of the concrete surface.


Concrete Walkways & Stamped Border

Concrete Walkways & Stamped Border

The use of Stamped borders can be customized to the colour, size and edge offset.

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Exposed Aggregate Porch and Driveway

Extended porch with new steps and Exposed Aggregate Driveway

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