How We Build

Pro Concrete & Paving Ltd Construction Process
  • Gravel Base

    The granular base is introduced on-site to your property. The crews begin to distribute the base to the proper specifications required. They will spread the base to ensure there is an adequate granular base as per the specs of the quote. The last step of this process is the compaction of the base with the appropiate compaction tampers. Once completed this provides a solid surface for the consequent concrete pour.

  • Washing & Cutting

    This can be the loudest and messiest part of the job. Structural control cuts must be scored into the concrete. The crew will first assess all the possible stress points (corners most likely that cause cracks) and create a grid from those points. As much as we would like to have all cuts be of equal shape and size, it simply is not possible with all irregularities in the shape of homes and the work itself. The cutting can create large amounts of dust and it is best advises to have your windows closed and if possible, advise your neighbours to do the same. The crews will then spend countless hours cleaning/washing not only your property but the adjacent properties that may have been affected by our work.

  • Sealer
    After a few days of curing, the sealer crew will apply the approiate 2 coats of sealer to the concrete surface. An "Anit-slip" addidtive is added to a Stamp finish sealer. The sealer process brings out the true tones of the final product. It also serves as a protective coating / barrier against enviornmental effects like ; acid rain, UV rays. The maintenance of your concrete should be done every 2 years for Exposed Aggregate. Potentially more often for a Stamped finish due to surface traffic.


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