How We Work

Pro Concrete & Paving Design Process
  • Estimate

    Pro Concrete Rep will provide you a free, no-obligation quote on the spot (in most instances).

  • Book the Work

    Because Pro Concrete does not take any deposits, all we require is a signed copy of the Estimate and Contract and your project has been officially booked.

  • Design

    Want to make design changes to your quote? No Problem! Before any work begins there is a “Marking appointment”. At this stage you meet with the designer, review the estimate and spray paint the proposed layout on your property. Any design changes can still be made at this time.We also start discussing colour options at this stage. After this appointment a CAD drawing is created for.

  • CADD Design

    An accurate drawing for construction is put together. The drawing is necessary to ensure the accuracy of measurements and particular details. This process ensures that nothing is overlooked during the construction process.

  • Locates

    Before work can begin, all locates must be cleared. This process involves contacting the necessary governing bodies responsible for the underground utilities and obtaining clearance to perform the planned work. Without this clearance, work cannot commence. Once we receive clearance, we can now begin.

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Complete house concrete design

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